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The home of mindfully sourced crystals, ready to elevate your energy.

We mindfully source high quality crystals, and carefully deliver them to you in recycled packaging. We’re here to advise in any way we can, so if you’re looking for a specific stone or for something to help you curate a certain vibe, drop us a line at hello@huntingformagic.com, or follow us on Instagram and Tiktok.

Important Information

We source only the highest quality, real, authentic crystals and are very mindful of how they’ve been procured. Whilst we are confident in the suppliers we use, we are not present at the mining stage so there can not be a 100% guarantee. That said we choose our suppliers carefully and trust that the crystals you receive have been ethically sourced.

We only ship our parcels using Royal Mail Tracked 48 Hour Shipping, meaning your shipping costs will be a £5 flat rate within the UK. This is to protect us, you and your crystals, to ensure they make their way to you safely and quickly. We want to ensure your crystals make it to you intact, and don’t get lost in transit, so we use the safest shipping methods and lots of packaging!

Where possible we use only recyclable packaging. If your crystals arrive in bubble wrap, this has been reused from our supplier deliveries, and we’d like to encourage you to reuse it if you can!

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