The Best Crystals for Your Zodiac

Aries Green Aventurine will help you stay clear headed and focused on your goals.

Taurus Smoky Quartz will give you a decisive power you never knew you needed.

Gemini Reach for Labradorite to power up your intuition.

Cancer Yellow Calcite will help you manifest your next move.

Leo Look to Carnelian to channel your inner strength.

Virgo Fluorite is your friend in allowing ideas to flow freely.

Libra Use Tourmalinated Quartz to protect your energies.

Scorpio Reach for Pink Agate to let go of that grudge you’ve been carrying.

Sagittarius Rhodonite will help you find the patience you need.

Capricorn Carry Moonstone to relieve stress and promote positivity.

Aquarius Use Pink Chalcedony to let go of anxiety.

Pisces Carry Calcite to restore confidence in yourself.

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